The “starving artist” mentality is a notion that permeates nearly the entire world of music. Whether one’s passion lies in the arts or technology, people are often taught to silence their creativity and instead pursue more economically profitable fields.

As a violinist, educator, and entrepreneur, I strive to dispel the “starving artist” mentality by helping people discover their artistic inner voice, express their creativity, and ultimately, change the lives of others in their respective communities. Through my live performances, lectures, and educational outreach, I activate individuals to pursue their own paths to success.

I have had a longstanding commitment to my local Seattle community and to the classical music community nationally and internationally. I have travelled extensively as both a performer and an educator, engaging with students and audiences from diverse geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds to cultivate a sense of creativity and community. In all of my musical and entrepreneurial pursuits, I strive to bring people together through music and art.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on my artistic vision, teaching philosophy, and upcoming projects. I welcome your feedback and collaboration in creating a world that welcomes imagination and innovation.

Best wishes,

Quinton Morris, DMA
Musician | Educator | Entrepreneur