Renowned violinist encourages young people of color to love music

Quinton Morris is a violin virtuoso who wants to give back. The Seattle University teacher grew up in Renton and fondly remembers the support he got from the community. He says that encouragement is important for people of color who want to be classical musicians. Morris told Jamala Henderson how he was often discouraged. Read […]

String Savant

When Dr. Quinton Morris plays his violin for an audience, there’s no doubt he’s connected to the instrument. With his eyes closed, right hand on the bow, Morris seamlessly strings notes together creating a beautiful sound. The two are a fine-tuned team. “It allows me the opportunity to be able to express myself in a […]

Violin virtuoso gives back to Renton community

RENTON, Wash. – Even at a young age, Quinton Morris knew he was destined for greatness. “I always knew the world was my oyster, and as cliché as that sounds, there was always this little voice inside of me,” Morris said. That little voice told him nearly 30-years ago to pick up the violin. “Or […]