Key Changemaker: Mollie Ewing

Key Changemaker of the Month: 
Highlighting excellence in our community 

“My passion for violin was encouraged by a supportive family, inspiring private teachers and great school music programs. I played with youth symphonies and knew when I got to college that I wanted to be a music educator.

I had been raising my boys and conducting for the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra when I heard there was a new middle school being built in Renton, just miles from my house. When I was hired, I had been mostly unfamiliar with the private teachers in the area and it was great when Dr. Morris got in touch with me early in the school year and offered to visit my school. I was able to attend a strategic planning meeting to see how much work Dr. Morris and others were putting into the dream of outreach and access to private lessons for students in South King County area.

I have seen how family incomes can dictate the level of involvement a student has, and what their local schools can offer. If Key to Change can help kids access private lessons and supplement and give individualized support for what they are receiving in their classroom orchestras, we can be a stronger force within the music community, offering our students more opportunities and broadening their learning experiences.”

-Mollie Ewing, Orchestra Director of Risdon Middle School

Our Key Changemaker of the Month is Mollie Ewing! As the Orchestra Director of Risdon Middle School she exemplifies the power of music education in our community. She supports our youth’s musical development both within and beyond the classroom, helping to cultivate the passion for classical music in South King County. Thank you Mollie for your work in the community and supporting Key to Change!

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