Renowned Trio Luthiers Donate Instrument for Student Use

Pictured from Left to Right: Geoffrey Liu (music instructor), Jason Starkie (violin maker), Amariah Strand, Madison Wooley and Dr. Quinton Morris with new violins at the Holiday Concert on Sunday, December 12th.

A trio of renowned luthiers (a creator of stringed instruments) donated a handmade violin, worth $17,000 to Key to Change. The violin was collaboratively made by David Van Zandt, Jason Starkie and Michael Doran. Over the past year, they built a custom made violin, with each of them focusing on a particular area, before passing it onward to the next person to finish. Additionally, the trio luthiers collaborated with three other violin luthiers to supply service and supplies for the instrument: David Stone Violins (fittings), Rafael Carrabba Violins (a new Kun case) and Sten Olsen Violins (new strings).

Madison Wooley was selected as the recipient of the new violin. Madison is a senior at Kentridge High School and most recently made her concerto debut with the Northwest Symphony Orchestra. She will use the violin until she graduates this spring. Additionally, Amariah Strand will become the second student recipient to play on a second violin, that David Van Zandt donated to Key to Change one year ago. Amariah is a sophomore at Kent Meridian High School and recently won the audition for concertmaster (first chair) in her school orchestra.

Key to Change provides violin and viola lessons for middle and high school students living in South King County. Enrollment for new students is open until December 31, 2021.

To make a gift and help Key to Change reach its $60,000 goal before December 31, 2021, please visit our website at

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