Key to Change Awards $11,000 in Daniel Ching Scholarships

“I was extremely honored and flattered when Key to Change wanted to start a scholarship fund in my honor. I’m overjoyed as these awards will give these young musicians the same opportunity I was given at their age, and all through the generosity of the entire Key To Change community which has given already so much to the fund. I feel tremendous pride that Key to Change exists because of the vision and hard work of my former student, Dr. Quinton Morris. I could not be more proud of what he has given to the community in South King County already, and look forward eagerly to the next stages of growth for the organization.” – Daniel Ching, violinist of the Miró Quartet

We are thrilled to announce the first round of recipients for the Daniel Ching Scholarship for Musical Excellence. Launched in 2019, the Daniel Ching Scholarship is named after the former violin instructor of Key to Change Founder and Executive Director Dr. Quinton Morris. Daniel played a critical role shaping Quinton’s career as a performer and inspiring him to give back to the next generation. Both artists overcame tremendous hardships on their way to becoming world-class violinists, and the new Daniel Ching Scholarship honors that journey by creating new musical opportunities for underserved students in South King County.

The inaugural recipients of the Daniel Ching Scholarship are as follows:

  • Richie Doan, violin, 11th grade
  • Nathan Wang, violin, 11th grade
  • Analisa Ruiz, violin, 10th grade
  • Jolene Nguyen, viola, 10th grade
  • Madison Woolery, violin, 10th grade
  • Ellie Whitby, violin, 10th grade
  • Alia Uffenorde, violin, 8th grade
  • Jasmine Wang, violin, 8th grade
  • Madison Cole, violin, 8th grade
  • Amariah Strand, violin, 8th grade
  • Hayley Camp, violin, Key to Change alumna, college sophomore and double major in violin at the Peabody Conservatory of Music and mathematics at Johns Hopkins University


Recipients of the Daniel Ching Scholarship each received personalized videos from Dr. Quinton Morris and Daniel Ching.

If you would like to donate to the Daniel Ching Scholarship Fund or learn more about this exciting endeavor, please click here.

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